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About us

Who we are

Edmonton Cross Docks is a specialized, agile, and responsive 3PL with a sole focus on protecting, managing and moving your brand’s most valuable asset – your stock. Founded in 2005 as a small start-up, ECD today has over 25 global and international clients and along the way has achieved an enviable reputation with a proven track record. Every product, every box, every brand in our warehouse is treated as if it were our own. The lessons we’ve learned in building a business from scratch underpin our values and drive our exceptional customer service levels.

Cross-docking is a lean supply chain model that involves the immediate or faster transfer of finished goods directly from suppliers or manufacturers to customers or retailers with little to no handling or storage (e.g., stopping a truck at a distribution centre to put it on another truck without storing the inventory inside the warehouse). In most cases, finished goods are unloaded from the incoming transport (from the supplier) into the inbound dock, sorted and consolidated at the cross-docking terminal, and promptly loaded onto an outgoing vehicle (to the customer or retailer) at the outbound dock. This saves time and labor at the receiving dock and helps get the inventory on to the next leg of its trip.


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